2023 Silver Lake EWM Management Strategy Development Report

This report serves to present the ERSLA’s proposed 2024 EWM (Eurasian Water Milfoil) management and monitoring strategy along with risk assessment information to interested stakeholders and partners.  The proposed management strategy aligns with the EWM management goals and actions created within ERSLA’s Comprehensive Lake Management Plan which was finalized in May 2023.  The ERSLA has applied for a WDNR AIS-Control grant in the fall 2023 cycle, which if awarded, would provide funding assistance to carry out the proposed management and monitoring strategy.  The proposed 2024 EWM management strategy includes a series of ProcellaCOR spot treatments with the potential to impact EWM throughout the entire lake with details outlined within this report and displayed on Map 2.  The ERSLA’s integrated pest management strategy includes plans to follow up the herbicide treatment with a coordinated hand harvesting effort in 2025 and potentially beyond depending on post-treatment monitoring results.

Silver Lake 2023 Strategy Development Report Jan26-2024

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