Wall Street Sidewalk Work Beginning May 9

On Tuesday, May 9 and Wednesday, May 10, the Eagle River Department of Public Works will be working with our concrete contractor to remove the red decorative portion of the sidewalk beginning on the South side of Wall Street (May 9th), and following up on the North side of Wall Street (May 10) to replace it with standard concrete.


Work will begin at 6 am both days with the removal of the red concrete strip for one block from Main Street to First Street by our Public Works Department, with the contractor following up at 9 am with the pouring and finishing of replacement concrete. Work is expected to be complete within two days for both sides of Wall Street.


Parking and travel will be blocked off from Main to First Streets, beginning at 5 am daily on May 9 and 10 for the safety of our workers. Please make sure your employees, customers and tenants are aware of the parking restrictions and work schedule.


While the decorative concrete was designed to make the downtown area more visually appealing, the design recommended by the contractor at the time of installation was flawed and as a result the red concrete is deteriorating and causing a tripping hazard along Wall Street. The replacement down the length of Wall Street is expected to take a few years, with one block of the street being replaced each spring.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work to make our downtown safer and more attractive for our residents and visitors.



Mike Adamovich

Mike Adamovich

Foreman, Department of Public Works

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